Case Studies

Some of my recent clients

Here a just a few examples of some of the wonderful people I’ve had the opportunity  to work with and improve their quality of life. If you’d like to be one of my success stories, please get in touch; I’d love to help!



“I’ve had various knee problems for the last 8 years and, although I’ve done some exercises designed to combat them I must admit to being a bit half-hearted about it – through lack of knowledge, application or a combination of the two. I’ve recently been diagnosed with a failed cruciate reconstruction in my right knee and torn meniscus in my left – or (to use medical terminology) a right old mash-up! So no more park runs for me…and a question mark over all sorts of other activities.

But now I’m having sessions with Sharon Armstrong, a personal trainer recommended by Keswick Leisure Pool and Gym, and boy am I glad they sent me an email offering a free consultation with her. I know I’d never have sought it out – to me having a personal trainer is something you do if you live in Islington! Its just not me! Except now, it is!

The difference Sharon has made is nothing short of phenomenal! I have an electric bike and try to ride with friends every couple of weeks. After just three sessions with Sharon, my friends remarked on how quickly I was cycling. My legs are so much stronger. I have also been an occasional hill walker – but not keen on coming down hills, so I usually avoid real mountain walking. This year, for my husbands birthday we went up to Sty Head Tarn and back down – with no ill effects. I was amazed!

My main hobby is paragliding and although I’ve always continued to do this, my sessions with Sharon have taught me so much about how I have been favouring my left leg to protect my right knee – and probably been contributing to the left knee problems. I am now exercising to strengthen and equalize both legs making me more stable and “fleet of foot” when taking off and landing. Even carrying my kit up the hill is easier now because of the full body strengthening exercises she is teaching me.

And on the “psychology” side? I feel fitter, stronger and more confident – both about exercise and about using the gym. Frankly, I never expected to feel this good at 57!”

Paraglider in flight
Paraglider in flight


I never liked working out as I was always too tired at the end of the day and eating healthily didn’t come naturally to me. I found the gym slightly intimidating and wasn’t sure what I was doing was correct. I’ve had a car crash which left me with pain and injuries in my shoulders and neck. I’ve also had surgery to my stomach which has left me with a weak area. Sharon listened to all my worries and concerns and then explained how my muscles and body work together. We sat and worked out a fitness and rehabilitation plan that would gradually build my confidence and strength.

Sharon taught me how to strengthen the areas around my injuries and how to work around the problems in my body. She taught me the importance of stretching, and pilates in core training and rehabilitation. It was more enjoyable than I could have imagined, it was like spending an hour with a friend. She is enthusiastic, motivating and in tune with my goals.